Continuous Freezers

A continuous freezer is the “heart” of every ice cream producing factory and, by controlling the largest possible number of parameters, it lets the produced ice cream to get close to the ideal in terms of texture, proper mouth feel or creamosity.

Ice Group puts the main emphasis on Frosto Automatic freezers, noting in the last years a substantial sales increase of these devices. Our Customers growing satisfaction is expressed in their positive opinion on the scope of overrun obtained, especially in relation to minimum air content, so important for artisanal/premium ice cream. Customers praise also especially the quick startup of our freezers and the possibility to reach the set working parameters without unnecessary mix waste.

Although the main product in Ice Group’s FROSTO range are automatic freezers, equipped with two rotary pumps (lobe pumps), for some Clients our offer still includes the semi-automatic freezers Frosto Electronic with two piston pumps.

Continuous Freezers - Presentation