Delivery of Expert CRF 2 and Jumbo Robot 6 to our regular Customer in Iraq

We are happy to inform about delivery of two very interesting and well equipped machines to our regular Customer in Iraq. We appreciate the trust the Customer placed in us and continuous cooperation between our companies.

Expert CRF 2 – automatic rotary, tubs filling machine

Compact and very well equipped machine, capable of producing three types of tubs with special dozers enabling filling with inclusions and sauce ribbons inside the outside the ice cream with additional tub decoration by means of rosette decoration or dry topping.


Round plastic tub ~500ml
Round plastic tub ~1000ml
Rectangular plastic tubs ~1000ml


1600 pcs/hours on single wide production


  • servomotor for working table drive
  • mechanical dosing column
  • servomotor for main shaft drive for mechanical dosing, cups/cones dispensing, lid dispensing, centering, closing, crimping and ejection mechanisms
  • airless chocolate sprays and heated jacketed tank parallel to the machine
  • dosing system based on two (2) special time-lap dozer with enlarged product ducts for one or two ice cream colours and multi-point sauce injection unit for sauce ribbons inside the ice cream with additional one (1)Star 1000 outlet nozzle
  • rosette decoration head on product circuit for rectangular plastic tubs
  • vibration dosing station of loose products
  • Allen Bradley control system with 10’ touch screen panel
  • Ethernet modem for distance-independent communication
  • CE-certification with appropriate CE-standard security screens

Jumbo Robot 6 – robotized ice cream dosing systems

Robotized ice cream dosing system enabling filling scooping tubs in artisanal way. The machines is equipped with automatic destacking station, modular conveyor for partial automation, ethernet modem for remote diagnosis


5 litre scooping tubs


  • modular belt conveyor facilitating Jumbo Robot partial automation
  • automatic destacking station for tubs
  • industrial Mitsubishi 6-axes robot
  • STAR 4000 dozer with enlarged product ducts and outlet nozzle for one or two ice cream colours (in irregular division) with streaks of syrup on the outer surface with possibility of dosing solid pieces of max. 15x15 mm size
  • Ethernet modem for distance-independent communication
  • teaching box

We invite you to personal visits in Ice Group!

We invite you to personal visits in Ice Group!
Starting from 18th May, it’s possible to visit our company again, of course while maintaining all required personal safety measures.
We will be happy to see you, whether you require a presentation or wish to participate in FAT. The visits are possible after setting an individual date and accepting the rules of the visit in Ice Group.

Приглашаем Вас посетить компанию Ice Group!
Начиная с 18 мая снова появилась возможность посетить нашу компанию, конечно, с соблюдением всех необходимых мер личной безопасности.
Мы будем рады видеть Вас, независимо от цели визита: презентация оборудования или желание присутствовать при тестировании машины.
Посещения возможны только после установления индивидуальной даты и принятия правил посещения в Ice Group.

 ¡Os invitamos a visitas personales en Ice Group!
A partir del 18 de mayo, nos pueden a visitar de nuevo manteniendo , por supuesto,  todas las medidas de seguridad personal requeridas.
Estaremos encantados de veros, tanto si necesitan una presentación como si desean participar en FAT. Las visitas son posibles después de establecer una fecha individual y aceptar las reglas de la visita en Ice Group.

Delivery of Masters FF 2000 to Russia

Delivery of two Master FF 2000 fruit and ingredient feeders to Russia

In the first days after Easter, we shipped to our two Russian customers their new Master FF machines. Both machines were built on Siemens components, with various individual augers and an additional pump for feeding fruit sauce. Along with the machine sent in the end of March to the Czech Republic, these are three Master FF series machines shipped within 15 working days, evidencing the continued production in our company. We are grateful for the trust laid in our company and confirmation of the stable position of our ingredient feeders.

Delivery of a complete line to India

Shipment of a complete line for cones production for a Client in India

The complete line for cones production includes the following elements:

  1. Frosto 1200 Automatic – continuous frezer
  2. Master FF 2000 - ingredient feeder
  3. Expert LVF 6 – max. capacity 16.000 pcs/hour automatic cone in-line filling machine for three different sizes of cones with automatic transfer in vertical position to the hardening tray tunnel Iglo Line 12000/16000, individual lane control (no cone – no spray – no wet topping – no dry topping – no lid)
  4. Iglo Line 12000/16000 (NH3 ammonia  operated) - tray tunnel for cones hardening with automatic unloading station from trays to the outfeed conveyor, layout adjusted to Client’s space limitations

Delivery of Expert LCF 4 to Turkey

Expert LCF 4 – high speed cones filling machine


  • sleeved cones about 120 ml


  • max.12.000 cones per hour


  • servo engine drive for basic machine slatted conveyor
  • servomotor for main shaft drive for mechanical dosing, cones dispensing, lids dispensing, ejection mechanism
  • airless chocolate sprays and heated jacketed tank parallel to the machine
  • time-lap dozers for one ice cream flavor
  • topping dozers
  • Allen Bradley control system with 10’ touch screen panel
  • Security screens

Delivery of Iglo Line 18000 to Ukraine

In February 2020 we supplied a high capacity Iglo Line 18 000 extrusion and hardening tunnel for stick products equipped with multi dip (liquid nitrogen for “solero’’ and “double coated’’ type products) “Dip-In-Place” extraction tower to one of the biggest ice cream producers in the Ukraine.
The line is equipped with additional accessories, like two special spiral mixers and syrup pumps for jam. Different shapes of extruders enable production of a large range of products referring to design and volume.
Finally the products are transferred with the use of two pocketed conveyors into two independent automatic wrapping machines Rapid 9000.
Due to the space limits in the existing factory together with Customer’s staff we designed a highliest compact construction, individually adjusted to the available free space.

Delivery of Iglo Line 9000 to Russia

IGLO LINE 6000 – versatile extruding and hardening tunnel shipment


  • stick ice cream
  • ball-top cones
  • wafer cups
  • ‘lakomka’ type log


  • max.6.000 products per hour for stick ice cream


  • extremally adjusted to the Customer’s limitations of available space
  • line additionally supplied with a set of freon compressors
  • additional accessories – chocolate and sauce pumps
  • pincers conveyor for stick ice cream and ball-top cones
  • transfer robot for wafer cups and ‘lakomka’

New turning-milling centre

New turning-milling centre DOOSAN LYNX 2100LYB

As a result of continuous development of our company, we have expanded our machine park with a new turning-milling centre DOOSAN LYNX 2100LYB.
So that, we have increased our capabilities in machining elements for our ice cream machines production in order to adapt to the specific needs of our customers.

Delivery of Iglo Line 5000 to Belarus

Iglo Line 5000 - Small capacity yet highly automized line for production of wafer cups and cones


  • Wafer cups
  • Wafer cones


  • Automatic destacking station for wafer cones
  • Chocolate spraying station (impregnation)
  • Follow-up dosing station for 1,2 colors of ice cream with additional syrup stripes with or without rotation
  • Tray spiral conveyor
  • Automatic transferring station to pocketed conveyor
  • Special construction (Angular 900) pocketed conveyor with Rapid flow pack machine

Iglo Line 5000 - Линия низкой производительности, но с высокой степенью автоматизации  для производства вафельных стаканчиков и рожков.


  • вафельные стаканчики
  • вафельные рожки

Основные характеристики:

  • автоматическая станция подачи вафельных рожков
  • станция распыления шоколада (импрегнации)
  • станция дозирования типа follow-up для 1, 2-цветного мороженого с дополнительными прожилками сиропа с закручиваением или без
  • спиралеобразный транспортер с подносами
  • станция автоматического трансфера на «карманный транспортер»
  • «карманный транспортер» специальной конструкции (под прямым углом) с упаковочной  машиной типа flow-pack Rapid

Christmas meeting 2019

At the end of December we celebrated the annual Christmas meeting with all Ice Group employees. Today, we would like to wish all the members of our crew and all our Clients best of luck for the New Year 2020!

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