Ice Group Newsletter XII/2020
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Dear Friends!
A year of extreme effort and excessive stress is ending and we are bidding it farewell without regret, looking into the future with hope. A memory of 2020 will definitely remain humility, upbuildnig humility, and hopefully nothing more.

The end of the year is always a race, with shipments piling up and works connected with closing the passing year overlap with preparation works referring to what will be happening in January, February, March.

We also work on various materials, including next year calendars. And here we came to a halt, a reflection, a sudden stop, because a simple calculation indicates that we have been in the business for 30 years. That we have spend in the dairy and ice cream field a majority of our professional lives. That we have managed to settle in this field, to mature, to solidify.
The calendar as a material is not so important, but I’ve decided to put its header in this newsletter. Firstly, the modified motto, that is „real alternative” changed to „long-running”, I would like to say „very real alternative”. I wanted to point out to the passing of time, but also, if we look at the number 30 combined with the infinity sign and the simple suggestion “mature… still growing”, we are expressing that on one hand, we are ready to take on challenges, on the other hand, there will surely be new challenges, which will be easier for us to meet thanks to a solid base of experience.

The construction of the material’s message you are looking at is quite simple – old, past machine designs, their photos, confronted with present time. The changes are quite easy to spot, despite their long list, as long as the list of names, companies products… I smiled heartily looking at the first concept drawings of Tortica, prepared in 2003 for a customer from Spain, comparing them with Tortica from 2020, recently sent to Algeria.

We have had an abundant year, let’s reflect on our main shipments documented in the link below.
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What’s important, we have also finished projects in Australia, opened new territories, for example South America due to a substantial contract there, and this way 2020 will intertwine with 2021, namely, some of the machines sold this year will be delivered and installed next year.

The main success of this year is the fact that despite the change in the form of contacts with the Customer from face to face meetings to meetings held with help of various communication platforms, we maintained contact and, although we still miss the ordinary handshake, contact online, even though it’s merely a poor substitute of direct contact, it allowed further development of our business.

We wish everyone an excellent next year, peace, hope, not too radical changes and, most of all, stability, which will lead us to a better time.

On behalf of Ice Group team and Ice Group owners
Mariusz Goik L. Arkadiusz Geratowski
Our Christmas card this year will only be sent in electronic version.
We resigned from sending paper cards this year and donated the money saved this way to a local orphanage. We think it’s a good idea.
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