Linear Fillers

Multi-layer ice cream desserts and also other complicated products, which require at least a few dosing steps, are now every-day reality on almost every market. However, it’s not the boom of this type of products, but rather a constant consumption increase of classical cones, cups or tubs, that forced ice cream manufacturers, and thereby machine manufacturers, to search for possibility of a substantial capacity increase.

Ice Group offer features, among others, industrial 3 or 4-wide tub fillers, even 12-wide cup/cone fillers and, most of all, fully servo-controlled high speed machines with automatic products transfer to hardening tunnels.

Ice Group offers LINEAR FILLERS for various types of containers and closures in extra-long, double pitch configurations, equipped with sealing stations for film from a reel or pre-cuts. Additional options include such accessories as lids unscrambler, dispensers for inserts facilitating consumption, e.g. spoons, solutions for added value items, e.g. choco sticks, candy bars, etc. Some of the a/m options are also possible on rotary fillers, but with much bigger limitations and much lower capacity.

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Expert LVF (Linear Versatile Fillers)