20-lat pracy naszego pracownika

Jedna z naszych zasłużonych pracownic z wieloletnim stażem przepracowała właśnie 20 lat w naszej firmie. Gratulujemy!


Summer is the best of all seasons! But for us - ice cream people - it is also the time of hard work.

In order not to lose a sense of humor in the daily whirl, we decided to collect some products we helped to manufacture, presenting them in a funny way.

In our “Summer Shorts” video series we recall different ice cream categories and different types of machines produced by us.

Here, in Ice Group, it is very rare that we manufacture equipment for a single product and its mass production. Our machines, usually multi-product and multi-functional, do not leave the changing market needs without an answer. This is our niche and our specialty. We invite the

perfect summer and sunny smile to every ice cream company in 2020!

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Ripple, syrup and chocolate pumps

Ripple, syrup and chocolate pumps are underestimated, but often key components of deliveries on filling lines from the Expert or Jumbo Robot series, but also Iglo Line extruding and hardening tunnels for reaching an effect of sauce on the outside of the products (Star effect), inside the ice cream (e.g. Pencil filler), swirled like spiral or variegate, top decorating (topping), feeding and circulation of chocolate sprays and other.

This seemingly simple project has been transforming in our company for over 20 years, it’s been modified, upgraded, corrected and customized. Enough to say that currently, depending on the application and pumped product type we use:

  • piston type pumps
  • gear pumps
  • screw (worm type) pumps
  • lobe pumps

The second main component is the tank and here we have two basic categories – heated and non heated. Depending on the Customer’s needs, we have various sizes and divided tanks for two, three or more chambers.
These units can be equipped with their own electric box with control elements, such as temperature, working cycles or frequency inverter regulators, or they can be without electric box, being a component of a line steered from the controller of the main machine, for example Expert CRF, LVF, Iglo Line.

This multitude of combinations has led to a situation in which our database of executed models has reached over 50!

We trust we can find the right solution for your application.


Frosto 750 Automatic and Jumbo Servo Double delivered to Latin America

We were just informed that two new machines sent to our Client in Latin America at the beginning of September have been successfully delivered. This time the Client ordered Frosto 750 Automatic continuous freezer in premium version, which will help the Client to meet the growing market demand. The second choice was Jumbo Servo Double, versatile semi-automatic servo-driven dosing station, which will help to make the production process easier for the Client and the use of different filling nozzles will make the final product more attractive for the final consumers.

Dairy rotary filler installed in Bavaria

We are proud to inform that we have shipped a 2 -wide rotary dairy filler Expert RVF 2 D.V. to a Customer in Bavaria. The product is coconut yoghurt (so dairy filler for non-dairy product). The machine ensures high hygiene, it’s equipped with many special functions, such as filters, air blowers, UV lids sterilization, steam cleaning of the product ducts, sealing tightness control with ejection of improperly closed cups.

Another shipment to a new Customer outside of Europe

We are about to ship the first part of ordered equipment to another new Customer outside of Europe. Being present in the market for many years and having the possibility of extending our cooperation with new Customers is the best appreciation of our work and our equipment.

The first shipment includes a highly customized line consisting of Expert LCF 6 wide, high speed machine for two sizes of cones along with Iglo Line 1500kg/h hardening tunnel. The line is equipped with robotized transfer system for unloading cones from Expert LCF onto the Iglo Line 1500 kg/h and then, second robotized transfer, unloading hardened cones from Iglo Line 1500kg/h and placing it onto outfeed conveyor. Not mentioned the dosing system, airless sprays, decorations, dry and wet topping, enabling the Customer to produce both, low budget and Super Premium cones.

Delivery of Jumbo Robot 6 to Russia

With the beginning of October we are sending to our regular Russian Client Jumbo Robot 6 machine, used for filling large containers and decorating upper layer of ice cream in shapes imitating artisan ice cream.

The decorating hand of the robot allows to perform such movements as a result of which we obtain different shapes and forms: spirals, zigzags, waves, rosettes in large volume containers (1l, 5l) and cakes.

В начале октября мы высылаем в Россию очередного 6-ти осевого Jumbo Robota, с помощью которого можно наполнить мороженым  большие упаковки, а верхний слой мороженого заверишить  узором, что позволит создать имитацию ремесленного мороженого

Шесть осей движения руки-манипулятора робота позволит создавать много разнообразных узоров: спирали, зиг-заги, волны, розочки как в объёмных упаковках (1 л, 5 л) , так и в виде тортов.

Pacific Islands – new, exotic destination for our Expert CRF 4000 rotary filler

We are happy to announce that our Expert CRF 4000 machine, accompanied by independent piston syrup pumps, will soon be delivered to the Pacific Islands!

This compact filler, controlled with Allen Bradley PLC and touch screen panel, is equipped with two enlarged by-pass valves that will allow the Client to fill ice cream with extra large solid pieces. Special dosing system with syrup not only on the outside but also injected inside the product will transform ice cream cups for the consumers into an exquisite product. Safety is key both on the production and consumption level, this is why the machine is equipped with CE standard safety shields and sealing station for hygiene assurance. In the future the machine will also produce cones.

Successful shipment and start-up of Expert CRF 4000 compact rotary filler for bio ice cream

One of our Customers, a Austrian producer of BIO ice cream, after buying our Frosto Automatic 600, has decided to take another step in automation and apply an Expert CRF 4000 for filling 250 and 500 ml cups. Both cups are sealed with pre-cut lids and closed with additional cardboard lids. This will allow the Customer to produce faster, meeting the growing demand for his excellent ice cream.

Expert CRF has been shipped and successfully launched and is now swiftly filling and sealing cups.

New delivery of Expert CRF 4000, Master FF 1200 and Frosto 600 Automatic to Sweden

The growth of our Clients is of key importance to us. This is why we are very happy to inform about the delivery of a set of machines to our Client in Sweden, who is a producer of super premium, ecologic ice cream.

Frosto 600 Automatic continuous in premium version will allow to increase the Client’s production capacity and maintain the superb quality of his ice cream. Master FF 1200 fruit feeder will bring the ice cream composition to a whole new level, which enhanced by the multi point sauce injection unit will give the consumers unforgettable mouthwatering experience.

However, the greatest change comes with Expert CRF 4000 machine, which will allow the Client to fully automatize his cups production and save a lot of work. Equipped with special by-pass valve and enlarged dosing system Expert CRF 4000 machine will help to offer the Clients the most popular 500ml cups (with sealable lid and snap-on lid) and 125ml cups in American style – with large solid pieces and syrups inside and additional dry nuts topping.