New Production Management System IPOsystem already implemented

We have the pleasure to inform you that Ice Group has finished the process of implementing a production management system with the functions of independent production plans preparation, direct steering of production resources, automatic production process feedback gathering, creating and managing production patterns, simulation of orders execution time, managing staff work quality and efficiency, automatic and current control of production in progress, supporting technological processes, analysts supporting strategic planning processes, settling employees working time.

The system ten has tools to exchange data with our current systems (ERP, CAD/CAM etc.). We have decided to invest in software called “IPOsystem” (Intelligent Production Organization System) and we can tell IT specialists that the system prepared by the company UIBS Teamwork system is the first intelligent system in the world, which automatically reacts to any event having influence on the validity of production schedule and, through an in-built MES system, directly and independently controls the work and allocation of resources (employees, machines and materials) in the production room. As opposed to the solutions applied up to now, IPOsystem does not only gather data and support production planning, but most of all it independently makes decisions concerning the organization of the production process without the participation of planners and persons from the production room supervision.

Currently, apart from 50 licenses for office employees, we also have two terminals which give orders to each production employee. These terminals are equipped with touch-screen panels displaying the description of each order with the possibility of quick overview of e.g. details drawing or 3D assembly drawing. The terminal allows printing each order and gathers and forwards feedback from the employees (for example about the reason of work interruption, breakdowns or inconsistencies).

The implementation of the program has improved communication, quality and efficiency of our production, and increased the planning precision, and thus the punctuality of deliveries to our Customers.

You can find out more about IPOsystem here:

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