Delivery of Iglo Line 5000 to Belarus

Iglo Line 5000 - Small capacity yet highly automized line for production of wafer cups and cones


  • Wafer cups
  • Wafer cones


  • Automatic destacking station for wafer cones
  • Chocolate spraying station (impregnation)
  • Follow-up dosing station for 1,2 colors of ice cream with additional syrup stripes with or without rotation
  • Tray spiral conveyor
  • Automatic transferring station to pocketed conveyor
  • Special construction (Angular 900) pocketed conveyor with Rapid flow pack machine

Iglo Line 5000 - Линия низкой производительности, но с высокой степенью автоматизации  для производства вафельных стаканчиков и рожков.


  • вафельные стаканчики
  • вафельные рожки

Основные характеристики:

  • автоматическая станция подачи вафельных рожков
  • станция распыления шоколада (импрегнации)
  • станция дозирования типа follow-up для 1, 2-цветного мороженого с дополнительными прожилками сиропа с закручиваением или без
  • спиралеобразный транспортер с подносами
  • станция автоматического трансфера на «карманный транспортер»
  • «карманный транспортер» специальной конструкции (под прямым углом) с упаковочной  машиной типа flow-pack Rapid

Christmas meeting 2019

At the end of December we celebrated the annual Christmas meeting with all Ice Group employees. Today, we would like to wish all the members of our crew and all our Clients best of luck for the New Year 2020!

Zdjęcie_grupowe 2019.JPG (7.07 MB)

Belarusian press - magazine No. 5 (196) 2019

We recommend the article about a multi-layer product made on Iglo Line 6000 tunnel.

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию статью о многослойном продукте, изготовленном на линии Iglo Line 6000.

Goodbye to the company… Welcome to the retirement!

After over 20 years in the company, one of our oldest and most valued employees has reached his well-deserved retirement time.
Today we celebrated our Heniek’s goodbye party in the company.
On this occasion we would like to wish him all the best, good health and happy years in his retirement!

Żegnamy w firmie... Witamy na emeryturze!

Po ponad 20 latach jeden z naszych najstarszych, najbardziej zasłużonych, długoletnich pracowników przeszedł dziś na zasłużoną emeryturę.
W dzisiejszym dniu odbyło się uroczyste pożegnanie naszego Heńka.
Z tej okazji życzymy wszystkiego najlepszego, dużo zdrowia i szczęśliwych lat na emeryturze!

Highly customized Iglo Line 9000 in Belgium

Iglo Line 9000 – highly customized extrusion and hardening tunnel Iglo Line 9000 for stick products with future possible extension to sandwich products delivered to a Belgian Client

Ice cream on stick
Sandwich (possible future extension)

• Allen Bradley control system
• „Dip-In-Place” transfer system
• CO2 evaporator
• automatic wrapping machine RAPID 9000 with pocketed conveyor
• 300l chocolate buffer tanks
• IR unit
• Special chocolate pump for big inclusions in chocolate coating
• CCF (Constant Crispies Feeder)

Delivery of Iglo Line 18000 to Lithuania

In May 2019 we supplied a high capacity Iglo Line extrusion and hardening tunnel for stick products equipped with “Dip-In-Place” extraction tower to a key ice cream producer in Lithuania. The line is equipped with special divided tank for chocolate dipping under the extraction tower and chocolate is fed from two chocolate buffer tanks. To feed big inclusions into to chocolate we provided two Constant Crispies Feeders with special pumps. Finally the products are transferred with the use of two pocketed conveyors into two independent automatic wrapping machines Rapid 9000. All this enables the Client simultaneous production of stick products with two different chocolate coatings and two different additives.

New installation in Belarus

In April 2019 we delivered to a Belarussian Client a production line consisting of two Frosto 800 automatic freezers, Expert LVF 4-wide linear machine for wafer cups and cones with automatic transfer into Iglo Line 9000 production and hardening tunnel for wafer cups and cones. The use of linear machine for sleeveless cones and wafer cups allows the Client to create complex, multi-layer products to supplement the traditional offer of products typically made on extrusion and hardening tunnels. The line was complemented with Rapid 9000 flow-pack machine for automatic products wrapping after hardening.

Iglo Line 12000 for stickless products in Latvia

Iglo Line 12000 – extrusion and hardening tunnel designed for the production of stickless products such as candy bars with a possibility of future expansion to extruded and filled bon-bon candies, sandwich products and mini bikinis for a key Latvian Client

Candy bars
Extruded bon-bon candies (future extension)
Filled bon-bon candies (future extension)
Sandwich (future extension)
Mini bikini (future extension)

• Allen Bradley control system
• Robotized transfer system
• NH3 evaporator
• Two (2) automatic wrapping machine RAPID 9000 with two (2) pocketed conveyors
• Chocolate enrober
• Additional chocolate decoration
• Aftercooling unit
• Special chocolate pump for big inclusions in chocolate coating
• Dry coating

Delivery of MASTER FF 4000 DUAL

Master FF 4000 Dual – ingredient feeder for two different types of inclusion and “Straciatella” effect for an North-African division of one of multi-national companies .


  • Double isolated hoppers
  • By-pass between the pump and vertical mixer
  • Collector for CIP cleaning
  • Two (2) independend tensometric weighing systems
  • Two (2) servomotors driving the augers for maximum flexibility
  • Pneumatic pusher for sticky and/or for very lightweight inclusions as pieces of crunchy biscuits
  • “Straciatella” effect with pneumatic piston pump with heated hopper
  • Allen Bradley control system