Iglo Line 12000 installed in Belarus

Iglo Line 12000 – high capacity production and hardening tunnel for three types of cones and wafer cups to a Client in Belarus with specially customized hardening chamber


giant cones
wafer cups


• Allen Bradley control system
• „Dip-In-Place” transfer system
• Freon compressor group
• Two (2) automatic wrapping machine RAPID 9000 with two (2) pocketed conveyors
• Two (2) 300 liters Chocolate tanks
• Dry coating tank
• Gear pump with heated tank for chocolate
• Two (2) pneumatic piston pump with heated tank for chocolate

Primary school visitation

The Municipal Office of Rybnik started the initiative of bringing interest in production companies among the school youth. Therefore they contacted us in order to organize visits of two classes from the Primary School no 13 and from the Primary School and Nursery Unit no 3 in Rybnik. The young people could see the way production process of ice cream manufacturing line is organized. The visits boosted children’s knowledge about the types of work and workplaces, and we hope that children themselves were able to widen their scope of plans for their further education. It was a real pleasure to host You. We await next such initiatives of the Municipal Office.

Wizyta uczniów szkoły podstawowej

Urząd Miasta Rybnik wyszedł z inicjatywą zainteresowania młodzieży szkolnej miejscowymi zakładami pracy w związku z czym skontaktował się z nami w celu organizacji wizyt dwóch klas. Szkoły Podstawowej nr 13 i Zespołu Szkolno-Przedszkolnego nr 3 w Rybniku. Młodzież odwiedziła nas w dniach 05 i 06 luty 2019r. Uczniowie mogli zobaczyć jak przebiega proces produkcji linii technologicznych do wytwarzania lodów. Wizyty w znacznej mierze przyczyniły się do zwiększenia wiedzy o rodzajach i miejscach pracy, a same dzieci, mamy nadzieję, mogły poszerzyć plany na swoją dalszą edukację. Było nam bardzo miło Was gościć. Czekamy na kolejne takie inicjatywy ze strony Urzędu Miasta.

Delivery of Expert LVF 4 DP

Expert LVF 4 DP (4948) - 4-wide inline filling machine in double-pitch version for 3 different products with minimum changeover for an Australian Customer.


150 ml cups – 4-wide production
500 ml cups – 2-wide production
1-litre cups – 2-wide production


  • Servo-driven dosing column
  • Vacuum station for removing foreign particles from cups
  • Conveyors for waste ice cream under dosing stations
  • Sealing station for paper, plastic-coated lids.
  • Unscrambler for three formats of unstackable lids – 4-wide with conversion to 2-wide
  • CIP facility
  • Allen Bradley control system

Visit in new Lidl factory in Germany

In autumn 2018 the representatives of our Client, Shinline company from Kazakhstan, Mr Andrei Shin and Dimitri Dokin, visited a newly opened production plant of Lidl company in Ubach Pallenberg. It was a unique visit because, as they were informed there, they were the first outside guests of Bon Gelati company (the producer) and most probably the last ones. Dimitrij Dokin shared his impressions from the visit and thoughts regarding changes on the market, where there appear direct relations of ice cream producers with large international distribution chains with their own supermarkets.

Визит на новую фабрику Lidl в Германии

Осенью 2018 г. представители нашей партнёрской фирмы «Шин-Лайн» из Казахстана Андрей Шин и Дмитрий Докин посетили новую фабрику мороженого Bon Gelati в Ubach Pallenberg, которая производит продукцию для сети супермаркетов Lidl. Это был особенный визит, потому что, как они узнали уже на месте, они были первыми (и вероятно последними) иностранными гостями фирмы Bon Gelati. Дмитрий Докин поделился впечатлениями от посещения фабрики и своими размышлениями на тему изменений на рынке мороженого, на котором в последние годы появилась тенденция создания союзов непосредственно между производителями мороженого и большими международными дистрибуционными сетями, имеющими собственные супермаркеты.

Opening new storage and office building

Still in December we have completed and opened for use our new storage and office building. This modern space, connected with our assembly room, opened in 2013, constitutes a complementation of our production complex. This way we have significantly increased our storage area, space necessary mainly for purchased components, such as pneumatic and electric parts, transmission gears, sealings, etc. This will also improve the functioning of internal completions preparation and the effectiveness of spare parts and complete machines shipment from our company. The office area gave room for two personnel enhanced departments of our company: Technological and Designing Departments. Especially the latter has increased significantly in manpower and, after a transitional period, the entire group of our Designers have finally been placed in one comfortable office. The equipment has been supplemented with additional work stations with new Solid Works program licenses. The new building offers also a training and visiting room.

Delivery of Expert JRF

Expert JRF (4876) – rotary jars filler


150 ml and 500 ml jars


  • Servo-driven working table
  • Servo-driven dosing column
  • Buffer jars infeed table
  • Unscrambler for unstackable lids
  • CIP facility
  • Siemens control system

Delivery of Sprinter 8000 Servo Special

In December 2018 we delivered a special sandwich machine Sprinter 8000 Servo Special to a Norwegian Client. The machine is our response to the world trend of hand-made look country-type sandwich with American style cookies and ice cream rich in solid pieces and sauces. Like in the case of the first machine of this type sent to Australia, Sprinter 8000 Servo Special was equipped with both servo-driven extruding and cutting station and servo-driven follow-up dosing station, both exchangeable, which allows the Clients to create both the standard extruded sandwich as well as country-type sandwich.

Press release 2018

New brand machine EXPERT JRF (Jars Rotary Filler)

In October 2018 we released a brand new machine, called Expert JRF (Jars Rotary Filler) for the filling and closing of different types of jars; The machine is Ice Group’s reply to the latest trends in ice cream production and offers a completely new quality of the product with various dosing modes possibilities.