Todays shipment: set of machines EXPERT CRF 2

Todays shipmen: set of machines EXPERT CRF 2 rotary filling machine for cups ( 150ml-500 ml with sealed lid and snap on lid ) and cones . Capacity range 3000-6000 cups per hour , MASTER IF 3000 ingredient and fruit feeder, SYRUP PUMP with hopper .

Destination : Caucasus country.

Todays shipment : Master FF

Todays shipment : Master FF - fruit and ingredient feeder with additionally heated hopper with circulation pump for : "straciatella effect ''. Destination : Asia.


Todays shipment Master IF 4000

Todays shipment Master IF 4000 , destination West Europe. High end machine , redesigned high higenical construction with isolated double wall main hopper , 10 " HMI full colour touch screen Allen Bradley , inteligent and economical tensometric loss-in-weigh system , special construction auger .

Another week with a lot o shipments

Another week with a lot o shipments . Igloline 12000 hardenning / production line for wafer cups and cones for russian Customer . Automatic destacking station for wafer cups, follow-up dosing sections , two continuous freezers FROSTO 1600 and two flow-wrappers RAPID 9000. Automatic transfer systems , unloading from trays and many more...

Two continuous freezers FROSTO 1600

Two continuous freezers FROSTO 1600, self contained, on our testing station before shipment. Capacity 1600 liters of ready ice cream per hour.

Destination : Eastern Europe .

Jumbo Servo Double shipment

Jumbo Servo Double - semi automatic filling station with up and down movment controlled by PLC , capable of lifting up heavy, multi-outlet dosing systems along with ice cream collectors and flexible piping full of ice cream, while the station is working.

Destination : Africa .

First delivery in 2021

First delivery in 2021: automatic sandwich machine SPRINTER 8000 SPECIAL for round "country '' type sandwich. Equipped with an independent ( servo driven ) extruding and cutting station and prepared for interchangeably dosing station in the future. Destination : Western Europe .

Last shipment in 2020

Last shipment in 2020 , automatic extruding tray tunnel IGLOLINE 1000 , special model for ice cream cakes ( round and rectangular) logs ( swiss rolls ) and similar products. Highly customised and very flexible. Destination : Asia