Special Products Machines

In no other business does diversity of forms count as much as in the ice cream business. The ice cream business is not just cones, not just cups, not just tubs, not just layer cakes, not just wafer tubes, but many, many more. In this chapter you will find devices, thanks to which ice cream producers can make their offer substantially more attractive.

We are dealing here with an ultra-versatile Tortica used for tubs and even mini-tubs, being at the same time a specialized and unique machine for layer cakes. In Tortica’s career we have also noted applications consisting in dosing silicone trays with ice cream to produce desserts and single-serves.

Special products machines are also N’Ice Filler, used for filling untypical and non-stackable containers, such as flutes, clay pots and shells, Fill & Clip for ice cream in the form of a sausage in simple and cheap flexible packages, Deserta for an extensive range of logs or Aristo Filler for fantastic wafer tubes filling.